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Peer Reviewed

Smith, A.B., E.A. Beever, A.E. Kessler, A.N. Johnston, C. Ray, C.W. Epps, H.C. Lanier, R.C. Klinger, T.J. Rodhouse, J. Varner, J.D. Perrine, A. Seglund, L.E. Hall, K. Galbreath, C. MacGlover, P. Billman, G. Blatz, J. Brewer, J.A. Castillo Vardaro, [plus 50 more authors]. 2019. Alternatives to genetic affinity as a context for within-species response to climate. Nature Climate Change 9(10): 787-794. Read here

Castillo Vardaro J.A., C.W. Epps, B.W., Frable, C. Ray. 2018. Identification of a contact zone and hybridization for two subspecies of the American pika (Ochotona princeps) within a single protected area. PLOS ONE 13(7): e0199032. Read here

Rodhouse, T.J., M.R. Jeffress, K.R. Sherrill, S.R. Mohren, N.J. Nordensten, M.L. Magnuson, D. Schwalm, J.A. Castillo, M. Shinderman, and C.W. Epps. 2018. Geographical variation in the influence of habitat and climate on site occupancy turnover in American pika (Ochotona princeps). Diversity and Distributions. Read here

Zero, V. H., A. Barocas, D. M. Jochimsen, A. Pelletier, X. Giroux-Bougard, D. R. Trumbo, J. A. Castillo, D. Evans Mack, M. A. Linnell, R. M. Pigg, J. Hoisington-Lopez, S. F. Spear, M. A. Murphy, and L. P. Waits. 2017. Complementary Network-Based Approaches for Exploring Genetic Structure and Functional Connectivity in Two Vulnerable, Endemic Ground Squirrels. Frontiers in Genetics 8.​ Read here

Castillo, J.A., C.W. Epps, M.R. Jeffress, C. Ray, T.J. Rodhouse, and D. Schwalm. 2016. Replicated landscape genetic and network analyses reveal wide variation in functional connectivity for American pikas. Ecological Applications 26: 1660-1679. Click for pdf


Schwalm, D., C.W. Epps, T.J. Rodhouse, W.B. Monahan, J.A. Castillo, and C. Ray. 2016. Habitat availability and gene flow influence diverging local population trajectories under scenarios of climate change: a place-based approach. Global Change Biology 22:1572-1584. Click for pdf

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Castillo, J. A., C. W. Epps, A. R. Davis, and S. A. Cushman. 2014. Landscape effects on gene flow for a climate-sensitive montane species, the American pika. Molecular Ecology 23:843-856. Click for pdf


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Reports and Outreach

Epps, C. W. and J.A. Castillo. 2011. Pikas in Peril Project Research Objective Brief. National Parks Service, Upper Columbia Basin Network. Read here


Epps, C.W., D. Schwalm, J.A. Castillo, et al. (2013). Analysis of Proposed Rock Quarrying and Trail Improvement Impacts on American Pikas in Grand Teton National Park. NPS Natural Resource Technical Report (NPS/UCBN/NRTR-2013/756) Click for pdf


Pikas in Peril Project. Click for website

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