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Professors get many requests for Letters of Recommendation. If you are considering asking Dr. Castillo Vardaro for a letter, please consider the following before making a request:

  • How well does Dr. Castillo Vardaro know you? Have you been to her office hours or spoken to her outside of the classroom? If not, you are likely to get a generic letter of recommendation and may be better off asking someone who you have interacted with more.

  • When is the letter due? You should make a request at least one month in advance, otherwise you are likely to get a generic letter. If you make a request less than 2 weeks in advance, your request may be turned down.

When making a request, please provide the following information:

  • Purpose of the request (description of the internship, scholarship, graduate school application, job, etc.)

  • Due dates and submission instructions

  • Relevant information about the program, such as a website or advertisement

  • A 1-2 page personal statement explaining:

    • Your career goals

    • Why you are applying to this particular program

    • Why you think you are a good candidate for the program

    • How the program will help you achieve your career goals

  • Your previous interactions with Dr. Castillo Vardaro and dates (such as classes and terms taken, etc.)

  • Your cv (optional, but highly encouraged)

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